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Complete Network Audits

Do you know where you are in the world of IT? Let a network audit show you exactly where you stand. The basics of an audit give an inside look at your internal network including servers, workstations, printers, network devices and their relationship to the environment they operate within.

An audit can help any business find issues before they become lawsuits. Audits will give you insight on decisions that can help your bottom line.

Our auditing systems are low impact, highly evolved and can find practically any networked devices information. This is coupled with reports that will detail your connected machines, complete a network diagram, diagram server and workstation essentials including applications, configuration and services, as well as a recommendations document outlining the best in class offerings that only Telecorp could bring to the table.

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Discover, Monitor… Automate.

Telecorp Network Discovery allows you to find, catalog, deploy, view, manage and report on all IP devices on the network.

Simply said, if you cannot find everything connected to the network, you cannot manage it. The role of Telecorp Network Discovery is to find and catalog all IP based devices connected and interconnected to a network or networks.

Create a Network Discovery process that will run periodically to discover new devices or devices that are no longer visible within the network and provide for automated agent deployment for instant management of Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

Network Monitoring utilizes SNMP to provide a graphical view of CPU, RAM, Disk and Network Interface data. As is the case with all Telecorp functionality, the Network Discovery and Network Monitoring is completely integrated within the Telecorp framework to ensure a Single Pane of Glass web-based interface for network administrators.

Discover Devices

Network Discovery is collector based and can be installed on any Windows based system that has a Telecorp agent installed, providing a wide reach across multiple networks. The availability information is displayed within the Collector installation function. Multiple collectors can be deployed within a given network.

Multiple Scan Methods

Network Discovery includes multiple scanning methods to ensure all devices across a network can be scanned and catalogued with immediate knowledge of the device type. Each method will scan by Network Mask or 23 bit network by default and will process based on pre-defined intervals. The scan methods include:

  • Ping Scan– Mac Address
  • Port Scan – OS and Device Type
  • SNMP Scan – System Attributes, Interfaces, Drives, CPU, RAM
  • View Discovered Devices

    Device Types

    A new device type option has been introduced to help administers quickly filter out specific devices from the lists being displayed. The Device Types are displayed in a tree folder structure with viewable counts for each device type. Selecting the folder will dynamically filter the list and also provide sub-filtering options.

    Column Sets

    Pre-defined and customizable column sets retrieve filtered device information based on catalogued data. Filter criteria includes:

  • Hardware
  • Network Address
  • Collector Installed
  • Managed Agents
  • Discovered Devices
  • Summary
  • Categories of Devices
  • Property Sheet

    A docked tabbed property sheet displays key device status information for the highlighted device.

  • Device Type inc. OS Type
  • Version
  • IP Address
  • Interfaces
  • Ports
  • Device Navigator

    A visual navigator provides a snapshot view of devices found by the collector. By selecting device types including Windows, Mac, Linux, Printer and Router, the view can be filtered to allow for different navigational views.

    Network Monitoring

    Network Monitoring provides a graphical view into SNMP data from enabled devices. By simple turning on the SNMP option for the device, the system will collect and allow for viewing current and historical device information in a graphical format. This functionality does not require a Telecorp agent to be installed on the device being monitored.

    The following information is displayed for computers:

  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Disk
  • Network Interfaces
  • The following information is displayed for non-computer SNMP devices such as routers, printers and switches:

  • Network Interfaces


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