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Reactive Support Services

We utilize a leading Professional Services Automation  and leading reactive support solutions that are in integral part  of our Centralized Services and reactive support center.   Our advanced capabilities allow us to quickly and effectively resolve your Tier 1 end-user support issues. In addition to our reactive services proactive support capabilities, we have implemented a number of industry leading escalation policies, methodologies and procedures in the event that  the Network Administrator assigned to your account needs to be dispatched  to your office location or if additional  or different skill sets are needed to resolve your technical issue or support request.

Our reactive support group is comprised of experienced  help desk technicians whom have a minimum of three  years experience and hold at least one technical certification. Because of our substantial investments in people, reactive support systems and business process, we are one of the leading reactive support companies in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

Our reactive support management capabilities also includes access to our Customer Portal where all activities within your account have been documented and archived to create a “knowledge base” to further facilitate issue resolution. In addition, the documenting of all support requests leads to high levels of accountability as well as additional visibility to ensure that support requests do not “slip through the cracks.”

Our remote IT support offerings bring all of the knowledge we have together into a single package for your use with out an onsite visit. Whether you are at home, in the office or at a remote location, help is as close as a click away.

You will find that our remote support is just as effective and time saving as any of our on-site technicians. Our help desk is 100% based in the USA, you will never get someone who does not speak English, and you will always get Telecorp's outstanding customer service.

We will work to get your questions answered; your applications configured and have you back to a higher level of productivity than ever before. Remember it's just a click or phone call away.

Our remote support is a standard offering with any of our service plans including; Pre-paid and hourly, Outsourced IT support and our popular, The Proactive Service Plan.

Call us at 856-384-6000 or click here for a free quote.

Direct Cost Savings
Imagine investing a lot less in computers, network hardware, software, and servers while enjoying all the benefits of reliable technology and a world-class Help Desk providing 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week service and support.

Measured in dollars, the savings can be enormous. Measured in overall value, the savings are even greater.

Capital Expenditure Reductions
As you grow your business or organization, you soon find that you've outgrown your server capacity—again. With Telecorp's server virtualization-as-a-service and managed hosting, you save substantially on the upfront costs of new servers and, in some cases, a $30,000+ Storage Area Network (SAN) device.

With Telecorp, you can also avoid the capital expenditure of buying new PCs every 3-5 years. We provide thin client options that enable you to stop wasting money on new computers. Learn about our hosted desktop.

Predictable Budgeting
Telecorp customers pay a set monthly fee, which is both predictable and scalable to your organization's business cycle. You'll never again be staggered by unexpected IT cost issues and you'll rest easy knowing that a vital, potentially volatile, budget line item is under complete control.

Time and Productivity
Telecorp provides you with something just as valuable as money and often harder to attain—extra time. That's less time and energy spent troubleshooting networks, servers, and other IT concerns. And a lot more time for servicing customers, boosting productivity, innovating, strategizing, and…everything else that makes your operation thrive.

No-Cost Security Updates and Patching
Companies save many thousands of dollars by not having to perform the mandatory but time-consuming software updates, security patches and anti-virus patterns. We provide these updates to the very latest versions at no cost to you. Just another way that Telecorp saves you time, hassle, and precious dollars.



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