Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung
Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung
Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung


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Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung


Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung


Telecorp Inc. offers complete business telephone systems for all size organizations. Each system will be hand selected by one of our communication specialists and customized to your exact needs. Please use the information below to learn more about some of our leading products. If there is a particular line you are interested in, but don't see it listed, please be sure to contact us and we'll help you with your request.

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Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung

Vertical Wave changes the game for next-generation IP business communications. The Vertical Wave IP 2500 Business Communications System is a new generation of communications asset that delivers enterprise-level communications capabilities at a small business price.

Vertical / Comdial User Guides

WaveIP 500 & 2500

Wave Phone User Guide Quick Reference Guide for Digital Phones
Ranger Cordless Phone User Guide Nomad IP User Guide
ViewPoint User Guide Analog Phone QRC 1.5 SP2
Contact Center Administrator Guide 2.0 Analog Phone QRC 1.5 SP3
Digital Phone QRC 1.5 SP2 Analog Phone QRC 2.0
Digital Phone QRC 1.5 SP3 Analog_Phone_QRC_1.5_SP1
Digital Phone QRC 2.0 DECT Cordless Telephone 2.0
Digital_Phone_QRC_1.5_SP1 Phone User Guide 1.5 SP2
Edge 5000 Installation-Configuration Guide 1.0 Phone User Guide 1.5 SP3
Ranger_Cordless_Phone_User_Guide_Sept_2008 Phone User Guide 2.0
SIP Phone QRC 1.5 SP2 Phone_User_Guide_1.5_SP1
SIP Phone QRC 1.5 SP3 Phone_User_Guide_1.5_SP3
SIP Phone QRC 2.0 Voicemail QRC 1.5 SP2
SIP_Phone_QRC_1.5_SP1 Voicemail QRC 1.5 SP3
ViewPoint User Guide 1.5 SP2 Voicemail QRC 2.0
ViewPoint User Guide 1.5 SP3 Voicemail_QRC_1.5_SP1
ViewPoint User Guide 2.0 ViewPoint_User_Guide_1.5_SP3
Key Voice Supevisor_user_Guide DSU & DSU II User Guide
Key Voice user guide Corporate Office Supervisor's User Guide
Key Voice User_Guide_Pocket EXECTECH I User Guide
DX-120 & DX-80
DX 120 User Guide DX 80 Analog Phone User Guide
DX 120 Analog User Guide DX 80 Telephone User Guide
DX-80 Digital Executive Telephone User’s Guide DX Cordless Phone User Guide

MP5000, FXII, FXT, and FXS

LCD Users Guide Corporate Call User Guide
Non LCD User Guide FX DXP System Reference User Guide
Voice Mial Supervisor & Subscriber Guide Large LCD User Guides
Voice Mail Subscriber User Guide CONVERSip EP300 Voice IP Endpoint for MP5000 User Guide
Corp call user guide Impact Attendant User's Guide
Corporate Call User Guide Impact Call User's Guide
FX - DXP LCD Speakerphone User Guide Impact Group User's Guide
FX - DXP Non-LCD Speakrephone User Guide Industry Standard Telephone Station Userguide For DXP, DXP PLUS, And FXII
FX DXP system reference user guide Interchange - Corporate Office Mailbox Owner's User Guide
FX-DXP Large LCD Speakerphone User Guide Interchange Mailbox Owner User's Guide
FX-DXP Single Line Telephone User Guide Interchange Supervisor's User Guide
FXII User Guide Interchange Tri-fold Pocket User Guide
IP Speakerphone Station User Guide Quickq Agent's User Guide
Large LCD users guide FX QuickQ Scout II Supv User's Guide
LCD users guide FX Quickq Supervisor's User Guide
non LCD user guide FX Scout II User Guide
Voice mail Supevisor_user_Guide Visual Call Management User Guide
Voice mail user guide VOIP user guide
SBX IP 320 Phone User Guide DECT Cordless Telephone 2.0
SBX 24- button Phone QRC 2.0 ez Phone Install and User Guide 2.0
SBX 8-Button Phone QRC 2.0 Nomad IP UG
SBX IP 24-button QRC 3.0 Nomad SP User Guide 2.0
SBX IP 8-button QRC 3.0 Ranger Cordless Phone User Guide Sept 2008
SBX IP Phone User Guide 3.0 SBX_IP_320_Phone_User_Guide_1.0
SBX IP Phone User Guide 3.5  

Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung

Samsung's OfficeServ 7000 series is a next generation enterprise IP solution, OfficeServ provides a secure IP convergence Key System for the 21st century business. OfficeServ supports traditional voice communication, voice over IP, IP based data communication and wireless solutions through Wi-Fi and CDMA.

Samsung User Guides
OfficeServ Softphone User Guide DS 5000 User Guide
SMT-i3105 User Guide iDCS User Guide
SMT-i5210 User Guide iDCS 16 DS24D User Guide
SMT-i5230 User Guide iDCS 16 iDCS Keyset User Guide
SMT-i5243 User Guide iDCS Digital QuickRefGuide
ITP 5107S Quick Reference Guide SMT W5120 User Guide
ITP 5107S User Guide Standard Telephone Guide

ITP 5112L Quick Reference Guide

OfficeServ Hospitality General Description
ITP 5112L User Guide OfficeServ 7400 GWIMT GWIM User Manual
ITP 5121D Quick Reference Guide SMT W5120 User Guide
ITP 5121D User Guide SVM Quick Reference Guide
Clearwire M100 Mondi UG SVM Quick Reference Panels
Clearwire M100 Mondi GSG System Administration Guide
OfficeServ WIM v1.28 User Manual SVMi-20E EMail Gateway Application

Business Telephone Systems Avaya Vertical Comdial Samsung

Avaya is a global leader in enterprise communications systems. The company provides unified communications, contact centers, data solutions and related services directly and through its channel partners to leading businesses and organizations around the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Avaya for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.

Avaya User Guides
Avaya IP Office Intergrated Messaging System Avaya ACS Phone User Guide
Avaya IP Office Phone Manager Avaya Merlin Messaging User Guide
4400 and 4400D Telephone User Guide Avaya 4400 Phones User Guide
4406D+, 4412D+. 4424D+, 4424LD+ Telephone User Guide MDC and MDW Telephone User Guide
ACS phone users guide merlin messaging user guide
IP office integrated messaging MLX Display Telephones User’s Guide
IP office phone manager MLX-5® and MLX-10® Nondisplay Telephones User Guide
MM 4400 phones users guide Partner Messaging 1.0 User Guide
Partner Phone User Guide Partner Messaging 6.0 User Guide
  Partner Messaging 7.0 User Guide


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