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Built from the ground up specifically for small and medium-size businesses, IP Office delivers the communications capabilities big businesses are used to—with the elegant simplicity and ease of use small businesses consider a "must have."

This best of both worlds helps growing businesses differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced employee productivity, lower costs, and improved customer service.

Three IP Office Editions to Meet Your Distinct Business Needs

Choose from the Essential, Preferred or Advanced Edition of IP Office to get just the right combination of capabilities for your business.

Keep costs down and still get the key communications capabilities with Essential Edition. Gain ten times the voice messaging capacity of Essential Edition and handle dozens of calls simultaneously with Preferred Edition. Maximize productivity and efficiencies in customer service with Advanced Edition.

Power Your People—User Productivity Solutions

With Preferred or Advanced Edition, you can give your individual employees the communications tools they need to perform at their best.

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Avaya IP Office 500 - The All-In-One Solution

Avaya is pleased to announce the release of the Avaya IP Office 500 and Release 4.1 software, Avaya's newest and most significant release for the IP Office product range since introduction in 2002. The new IP Office 500 system is a modular and flexible design with a significantly increased VCM capacity, creating a cost effective platform that simplifies configuration and expansion. IP Office 4.1 introduces a range of new features designed to enhance customer service, reduce expenses, and simplify maintenance and serviceability.

With a greater VCM channel capacity and performance, the IP Office 500 is the most suitable of the IP Office range for IP Telephony applications. It also provides an entry level offer into the IP Office family through IP Office Standard Edition software. The IP Office 500 also differs from the IP406 V2 by providing a greater trunk expansion capability of up to four PRI interfaces (maximum 96/120 trunks). The IP Office 500 is a stackable unit with an optional 19" rack mounting kit and an optional wall mounting kit for smaller configurations.

The IP Office 500 includes:

4 slots to house a mixture of extension cards and VCM cards
Digital Station 8 card
Phone 2 and Phone 8 cards
VCM-32 and VCM-64 cards
Optional trunk daughter card support:
Analog Trunk Module 4 card
BRI-4 and BRI-8 cards (2 x 2B+D and 4 x 2B+D channels respectively)
Support for IP400 trunk and VCM cards using a Legacy Card Carrier
Slot for smart card Feature Key – required for system operation as well as licensing of optional features
9-pin DTE Port for maintenance
External O/P socket supporting two relay on/off switch ports, e.g. for door entry systems
Audio input port for external music on hold source
Support for 48 Data channels
Support for up to 30 Voicemail Pro ports
Two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports (Layer 3)

And supports up to 8 IP Office Expansion Modules (requires upgrade to Professional Edition):
Phone modules (8, 16, 30)
Digital Station modules (16, 30)
Analog Trunk Module 16
So8 module

The Avaya IP Office 500 system scales from 2 to 272 stations and is highly modular, with support for digital, analog and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone equipment. The supported digital telephones include the 4406, 4412 and 4424 Telephones and the newer 5402, 5410, and 5420 Telephones. With voice compression hardware you can use the Avaya 4602, 4610, 4620 and 4621 Voice over IP Phones as well as the newer Avaya 5602, 5610, 5620 and 5621 Voice over IP Phones. Voice over IP Soft Phones can be enabled throughIP Office Phone Manager Pro. This flexible approach enables Avaya IP Office to adapt to your changing requirements, future-proofing your investment.

Avaya IP Office Messaging & Call Handling

Avaya IP Office phone systems offer powerful business applications such as Voice Mail Pro which features queuing, call recording, integrated messaging and automated attendant. Phone Manager Pro is a personal productivity tool enabling call and voice mail control, simple point and click dialing and more from your desktop PC.

Avaya IP Office Contact Center Solutions

Compact Business Center (CBC) and Compact Contact Center (CCC) Solutions target small and informal call centers from 5 to 75 agents. These applications, used in conjunction with Voice Mail Pro, deliver enhanced call center functionality to small and medium-sized business customers traditionally reserved for larger enterprises. CBC is an entry-level solution providing valuable information and statistics on the IP Office platform and agent groups. CCC enhances the real time information available, graphically displaying details on all aspects of your call center. Also included are a wide variety of historical reports. These tools ensure the productivity of your people is optimized and the expectations of your customers are being met.

The Avaya IP Office offers easy to use solutions that are in line with the stringent quality standards set by Avaya Labs. Its reliability has been proven with over 80,000 IP Office solutions sold to companies around the world.


Avaya Voicemail Pro

Avaya IP Office - Avaya IP Office Business Phone System - VoiceMail Pro Screen Shot

Not all small to mid-sized businesses have small to mid-sized needs. For today’s small businesses with big messaging requirements, the solution is Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro. By upgrading your IP Office telephone system to Voice Mail Pro from Voice Mail Lite, your business can have sophisticated messaging and call handling features at its fingertips, boosting productivity and maximizing return on investment, and all for a fraction of the price of similar large voice mail systems. With Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro, your business can start leveraging advanced features today, such as:

  • Advanced Automated-Attendant Capability
    Make sure that every telephone call to your business gets routed quickly and correctly with powerful, multi-level auto-attendants. Virtually unlimited automated-attendants allow you to customize the experience that each caller receives, allowing your customers to get exactly the information they need when they need it – without the need to go through a receptionist.

  • Enhanced Call Queuing
    Getting stuck in queue is the most frustrating part of calling your business for your customers. Minimize hang-ups and lost calls in call centers by utilizing the powerful call queuing enhancements provided by Voice Mail Pro. Customize your customer’s experience; give them choices. The powerful automated-attendant capability of IP Office Voice Mail Pro can be used within a call queue – allowing callers to stop waiting and leave a message, transfer to another group, transfer to a frequently asked questions recording, and more.

  • Call Recording
    For businesses with an eye on improving the customer service experience, the ability to easily record and review calls is essential – and its never been easier than with Avaya’s Voice Mail Pro. Record all calls, record a random percentage of calls, record calls at certain times of day, record calls on demand with the touch of a button – you decide. Recordings can be saved anywhere in the system, making them easy to retrieve and review. And since all recordings are stored as .wav files, you can easily burn them to CD – allowing you to create accurate archives and conserve digital storage.

    Avaya IP Office Voice Mail Pro also enables the use of additional business phone system applications such as Integrated Messaging System ( IMS ), Conferencing Center and Compact Contact Center.

  • Voice Mail Pro must be run on a dedicated desktop PC.


Avaya Phone Manager Pro


Avaya IP Office - Avaya IP Office Phone Manager Pro Screen Shot

Now you can give every employee in your office the ability to get more done in less time by easily and seamlessly integrating their computer with their telephone. The Avaya IP Office Phone Manager Pro, Release 4.1, is an upgrade option from Phone Manager Lite and provides a host of time saving telephony tools such as:

  • Computer-based call management
    Dial the phone, answer incoming calls, transfer, park, and conference calls, check your voicemail, log in and out of hunt groups, and much more, all from a simple, point-and-click interface.

  • Automatic Call Logging
    Phone Manager Pro automatically keeps a log of your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. Any number in the log can be returned with a simple click of the mouse.

  • Screen Pop Caller’s Information
    See who is calling on your screen the second the phone rings – but that’s just the beginning. Caller ID of the incoming call can be used to pop contact files out of Outlook, Goldmine, ACT, or any other 3rd party software application. Thus you can have every piece of information about your customer at your fingertips the instant their call comes in – before you even pick up the phone!

  • Dial From 3rd Party Applications
    Through the use of the industry standard TAPI protocol, now you can dial your phone with a click of your mouse from other software applications such as Outlook, ACT, Goldmine, or even Excel and Word documents.